Tired of endless emails containing links to listings that may or may not match your criteria? Want to search MLS like a Realtor® does? Maybe you'd like to see houses that have sold recently?

Realtors®  are able to see new listings before the public does, and they interact with the MLS database through a very useful and intuitive user interface. Now you can too!

As my client, you'll get a personalized real-time MLS search website that displays listings like I see them, as soon as I see them, in a convenient and interactive list. 

PCS List View.jpg

From your custom search page you can see all your potential properties in a single view, sort them by any number of parameters, and select your favourites. I will be able to see which properties you favourite and even add some of my own to the list.

New West PCS Favorite View.jpg

The detailed information for each listing is presented in a user friendly way, and gives you all the information you need. New listings and price changes show up immediately and sold listings remain visible so you can see the amount they sold for. 

New West PCS Detailed View.jpg

Depending on your preference, your property search can either be self-directed or directed by me — in either case this custom MLS search tool is invaluable. 

Call or email me now to get set up and start searching MLS like the pros!