This is a brief overview of the home purchasing proccess.

step 1: get in touch with Brandon

Call me at 604-345-8682 or email me at My team and I will be there for you through the whole process of purchasing your home. I will personally make sure that all the information that is required for a hassle free buying experience is communicated to the appropriate professional on your behalf.

My resources are your resources. The links page of this site contains links to tried and trusted mortgage professionals, home inspectors, trades people, notaries and a host of other useful sites with valueble information for any home buyer. If you have your own people then thats great but you can be at ease knowing that you can always choose between mine.

Best of all, my services are at no cost to you. 99% of the time the seller of your new home pays my fee.

step 2: get prequalified for a mortgage

Get in contact with your bank or mortgage professional and get prequalified for a mortgage. If you don't know a mortgage professional you can choose one from my links page.

Your prequalification serves 2 purposes. First, you find out how much you can afford to spend on your new home. This should take into account any equity you may have in your current property or the downpayment you have saved up for your starter home. Secondly, it will lock you into an interest rate for up to 6 months so you can shop for your new home without worrying that the rates will go up before you buy.

step 3: look at properties together

Once I help you to figure out what key features you require in a property I will create a custom MLS search web site where you can see potential properties and pick your favorites. Once you have chosen between 6 and 8 properties I will gather all pertinant information and make all the appointments to view them.

I can drive or we can meet at each potential new home to view it together. This process will repeat until you find a home you could call your own.

step 4: make an offer

I will prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) of the property to determin the approximate market value. We will discuss negotiation strategies and the terms and conditions to include in the offer and your desired closing dates.

I will present your offer in person, if you wish, and negotiate on your behalf until terms can be agreed upon and the offer is accepted. I will arrange to recieve your deposit in the form of a bank draft which will be held in trust with Regent Park Realty Inc.

step 5: due dilligence

While you work with your home inspector going through the property I will contact your lender and arrange for a bank appraisal, if required, and financing approval. After gathering any neccessary information we will sit down and go over it together; things like the property title, the property disclosure statement and the home inspectors report.

If all subjects are satisfied I will remove them from the contract in writing and collect your deposit.

step 6: prepare for completion

The tasks listed below are for you to complete:

I will be in touch with your lawyer or notary and arrange for them to recieve any necessarry documents.

step 7: complete

This is when you sit down with your lawyer about 1 week before your closing date to:

step 8: take possession

I will track the transfer process until the title of your new home is registered in your name and registration number is recieved.

On posession date I will meet you at your new home with the keys and inspect it with you.

You are now free to Move IN!

step 9: going forward

Lets talk about your home buying experience. I would love to hear your testimonial.

I will stay in touch with you and keep you informed on how the market in your area is doing. I am always just an email or phone call away and I look forward to offering the same
level of great service to your referals.

Get Started now. You can call me any time at 604-345-8682 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you.